The Polish language is said to be one of the most difficult languages. It comes from Slavic language group and many foreigners say they cannot distinguish Polish from Russian, Czech or Slovak. The reason is all these languages have a common ancestor.

If you need any help in the Polish language, especially in writing, editing, proofreading, translating –  you are at the right website. I can also revise and refine existing material and “polish” your text. I can help in social media, content management, blogs, company websites. I can also be your virtual assistant.

– I have an in-depth knowledge of Polish language (Master of Arts in Polish linguistics and literature)
– I have relevant experience: I have worked with words for many years. Writing REALLY is my passion: Look at my Linkedin profile to see my work experience: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ritakrawczyk
– I can offer reasonable rates


Your business needs me if:

– you have Polish-speaking clients
– you operate in Poland
– you expand your business into the Polish market
– you want a native speaker of the target language
– you don’t have time to look for a  translator
– you want to reduce the cost of translating your content
– you don’t want to hire a marketing agency

Don’t drudge at trying to write perfectly in Polish – leave this task to a Polish language specialist 🙂 

– Relevant market research for all texts
– No hidden costs – please look at Terms & Conditions
– Research and edits are all planned into my quote so you know what to expect for the whole project
– Discounts for loyal clients
– Support and advice for 2 months after delivering the project
– I don’t start my work without your consent and agreement/approval of cost