Here are some most frequent questions asked by my clients

Q: How long it takes to write an article/blog post?

A: It depends on the length of the text, the industry and specific vocabulary, research and target market. The simple blog post (e.g. on lifestyle, etc) is ready within 1-2 working days. If you need something more complicated, it may take up to 4 days. I always ask my clients for any relevant information that can be important for delivering the project.

Q: What are your prices? Do you charge per hour, day or project?

A: Each project is priced individually, based on the client’s brief and information provided. Small projects are priced by the number of pages written; the more complex ones – priced by hours/days.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted? What currencies do you accept?

A: I accept payment by bank transfer, cheque, PayPal. You can pay in GBP, EURO, USD, PLN. Please note that prices may differ due to the exchange rate. My main account is in GBP and PLN.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes, but to my loyal clients. Feel free to ask me for more details.

Q: What information should I provide for my project?

A: Before I start work, I need some information about your project, such as target audience, market, the goal of your text, etc.

Q: Do you prepare and run a marketing campaign on social media?

A: Yes, I can create a marketing strategy for your brand.

Q: Can you make iconographic for my projects?

A: Yes, a simple graphic is ok but I am not a graphic designer and I cannot deliver to you a more complicated project. However, I cooperate with graphic designers and I sometimes hire them to help me.

Q: What hours do you work?

A: I work from Monday-Friday (9am-4pm GMT). I can work for you during the weekend if something is urgent but I reserve the right to charge more.

Q: Who do you work with? Do you have employees?

A: I am a freelancer and I usually work alone, however, if the project requires more specific knowledge I cooperate with my team of trusted freelancers.

Q: Do you offer SEO services?

A: Yes, I offer basic SEO service (keywords, meta descriptions, etc).

Q: Do you translate from Polish into English?

Yes, but I charge more and it takes more time.